Baby is abandoned and left to freeze to death – but now watch what this cat does


In a moment the cat Masha from pet residents entrance Obninsk high-rise buildings has become a heroine on a national scale. The stray animal warmed with its warmth and saved from the death of a two-month-old baby.

Child planted directly in a box where the cat slept. In the night Masha raised a terrible howl on the stairs — him first heard the pensioner. She found the baby. Neighbors immediately called an ambulance. The doctors examined the child: a two-month-old boy was warmly dressed, he wore expensive overalls, a sweater and a cap, next to him were diapers and a bottle with a mixture. But it struck paramedics ambulance quite another.

The cat Masha’s maternal instinct was much stronger than his mother for a few hours until the boy was lying with her in the box, she didn’t just keep him warm, and got really attached to the baby.