He Asked His Dogs To Roll Over. When I Saw The Cat’s Reaction, I Was In Stitches!!


All are aware of the dog’s abilities to be trained and then show amazing tricks to us. And all know that it is impossible to do the same with cats.
We can’t even imagine such things because cat’s character is so independent. Cat is smart and would be able to do the same but it does not want to. It knows that it is a cat and cats do not do tricks!
But this cat is different. Does she want to prove something to the dogs? Probably, that she is that smart as them? The owner did a very good job training all his pets and cat was trained along with dogs. Is this the secret of success?
This cat named Didga is an adorable kitty that proves to us that cats can do tricks as well. This video is short but very nice and reveals great cats’ talents that are hidden in out furry pets.
Didga does the same tricks, her buddies Rottweilers do!