Animal Shelter Creates Hilarious Low-Budget Cat Commercial


Furkids animal shelter’s cute and funny ‘Kitty Kommercial’ became so popular that it went viral. This is a good example of the statement that masterpieces do not need high budgets and even low budget commercial can become effective.
This rescue organization that is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, created an unusual video advertising cat shelter. It took only half an hour to make this video with Paul Preston and this was improvisation.
Preston plays his role as a used car salesman urging to adopt. Such unusual approach is funny – it will crack you up! It is even surprising that the person is not a comedian. He works as a contractor with a rental property management company. How did it happen then that he performs in a viral commercial? His sister works in a cat shelter and she came up with an idea to attract people to the shelter in this way. And they succeeded in it!