Adorable Video Clip Shows Monkey Cuddling With Stray Kitten


Adorable video footage has recently emerged of a pet monkey who is literally inseparable from its best friend – a stray cat – as it hugs the kitten all day and all night. The seven-year-old macaque named ‘Lilly’ was domesticated after she was found injured having been attacked by other wild animals in Surat Thani, Thailand. Owner Ball Wuttichai, who is 27, cared for her and built a home for her in his garden where she has lived for more than a year. Incredibly, back in August a, stray male kitten began visiting Lilly and the two immediately formed a bond. Despite wild macaque’s having a bad reputation for attacking animals and humans, Lilly spends literally hours on end just holding the cat in her arms.

This new video footage is sure to warm your heart!