Adorable kittens having fun with mother-cat


Kittens are born blind and deaf, they don’t open my eyes or hear anything until two weeks of age. These kids missing function to release the intestines, therefore their mother must periodically stimulate the anal area. The cat licks her kittens regularly, not only to clean but to trigger this feature. A mother cat also plays an important role as a source of heat. She always maintains normal temperature bodies of their young.

Kittens, just like people are born with the reflex of suction. Using their acute sense of smell, they can find the nipple of the mother and feed on her milk six times a day.

A mother cat knows how to obraschatsya with newborns through the experience of observing her own mother while growing up. Also really working for her natural instincts. And whatever happened, she is completely focused on the nurturing of healthy offspring.