Adorable kitten follows a man home and refuses to leave


Cats are very cute, friendly and cuddly creatures that seek refuge with humans and expect love, care and even backrubs from their owners and this cat is no exception, see what he did here. Nala is a cat from a slum in Kenya that followed a man home and refused to leave, preferring the comfort of his home to staying on the streets, who wouldn’t?

The man in question, Nala’s soon to be owner went to Kenya to work for a Non- profit organization that caters to the needs of children and this cat came up to him looking for a home, the man gave him some food and Nala refused to leave and decided to take up residence with his human, soon enough, he began to thrive in an indoor environment with his owner, he had obviously been love-starved on the streets and needed all the care and attention he could get.

Nala lays down every day on his owner’s laptop when he is about to work, expecting a back rub, it has been up to four and a half years now with his owner and he has grown into a very adorable, healthy and handsome ginger cat. Now, he and his owner have both moved to America from Kenya and he is now living the life. Nala is very lucky to have found a loving and caring home to be adopted into. More people should open up their homes and hearts to stray cats living on the streets!