Adorable Kitten Born With Rare “Two-Face” Has Grown Up Into A Strikingly Beautiful Cat


A cat like this one does not come along on an everyday basis. When we see animals like these, their striking features tend to stop us dead in our tracks. Narnia is a young cat who happens to have “two faces” and he has won our hearts in record time. In fact, it is safe to say that he has already won the hearts of most of the Internet ever since he was first posted.

He lives in France and the British Shorthair has already captivated many over the course of his short life. Narnia is about a year old and he is a handsome boy if we do say so ourselves. He’s got blue eyes and his face is perfectly split between grey and black. Even when he was just a kitten, it was easy to tell that he was going to have a very unique appearance.

The differing fur colors were visible, even then. As he’s grown older, the distinction has become more and more clear. Since his looks are so enchanting, it is safe to say that his mother has chosen the best name possible. When it comes to the cat’s coloration, no one seems to know exactly how it happened. There is one explanation that has been offered, though.

Narnia might be a chimera cat. Chimera cats experience this coloration because two different embryos have fused together and two different types of DNA are contained within these embryos. Because the fusion only leads to the creation of one organism, Narnia functions as his own twin. Now, his mother is sharing his striking appearance with the rest of the world.

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