These Adorable British Shorthair Kittens Are Here To Fluff Up Your Day


The development of the kittens occurs quite rapidly in the first months of life, structure, diet experience a lot of changes. And this is the time of growth of a kitten is considered the most important in its development and establishment, so everything must be done correctly and, most importantly, time!

7-month-old kittens are actively developing the game. Up to what age continuing growth of the cats and the cats growth, the size of the cat and what size cat will in each month of her life, the development of a kitten by month: stages of development of a kitten (a development calendar kitten), the growth of kittens by week, the weight of kittens months, the behavior of kittens in each of the periods of development, how to raise a kitten, so he grew up social, when kittens open their eyes and much, much more. A kitten at 7 months is already reaching sexual maturity.

Also in this age often is the molt of an animal, especially if this period occurs at the autumnal and first winter months. It is important to carefully comb the kitten as it licked and swallow their fur. Make sure that the house was the soft brush with rounded tips. They are so adorable and they can play from the very morning to the late night.