Abused 17-year-old cat hates humans after being mistreated – Woman persists to show her love


The cat cannot be an eternal kitten. As and all living beings on earth, cats are aging. The speed and the beginning of aging are individual: some cats age earlier, others – later. With good care of the cat later age, live longer and maintain good health and vigor to a ripe old age.

In the process of aging are age-related changes that need to be taken into account when caring for your pet. Like aging humans, older cats lose their muscle strength and their elasticity. In addition, many of the old cats, again like people, suffer from arthritis, in violation of joint mobility and flexibility of limbs.

Due to arthritis, a cat may have difficulty trying to jump, climb or climb stairs. The less moves, the cat, the weaker her muscles, and even harder for her to move.