Abandoned Werewolf Cat Rescued from Life of Pain


St Francis Society Animal Rescue received a call about this cat in need of help. Cat Man Chris rushed to the scene. The cat had been spotted at an apartment complex and had been eating scraps of food. Nobody had seen him before and it was obvious that he was in very bad shape. With so many people around it he was scared to come closer for food. Chris jumped the fence and set a trap but he moved further and further away. So Chris returned the next day, he was determined to trap this cat and get him the help he needed. Eventually he entered the cage and Chris was able to get him the vet.

Chris says: “Firstly his claws were very ingrown and infected, so they trimmed them as far back as they could and soaked his paws in iodine to work on the infection. His ears were also infected, so while he was mildly sedated they thoroughly cleaned them and put medicine in them… he has dental issues, only has 6 teeth left and will need future dental work, he also has conjunctivitis hence the eye drops. They gave him an antibiotic shot and he’s congested too so we will be starting him on meds for that.”

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