Abandoned kitten & special needs puppy both needed a friend, then they found each other


This story is of two unusual friends that managed to save each other’s lives.

Broccoli the kitten was only a few days old when she was found abandoned. But thankfully, she got rescued by Hope for Paws. The non-profit rescue then reached out to Laura Labelle of The Labelle Foundation because the kitten was on the brink of death and in need of a foster mom.

Meanwhile, at Road Dogs and Rescue, a newborn puppy called Barnabus Rex arrived in need of a foster that would help him eat. “He was surrendered to my rescue the day he was born due to a cleft palate,” Nikki, founder of the rescue, said.

Rex had to be tube fed because he couldn’t nurse on his own. Laura specializes in special needs puppies, so, she offered to take him in.

The puppy and the kitten came to their foster home on the same day after their health check. Since newborns need as much stimulation as possible in order to flourish, Laura placed them together. This way, they also had a buddy to cuddle with.

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