Abandoned Kitten Finds Comfort in Puppy


A tiny abandoned kitten bounced back from the brink after she felt the warmth from a little special needs puppy who was in need of love.

They found each other at their foster home – both rescued as singletons and both needed a friend.

Laura Labelle of The Labelle Foundation took in Broccoli the kitten after she heard about her plight. At just a few days old, Broccoli was found abandoned and rescued by Hope For Paws. They reached out to Laura as the kitten was fading and in need of a foster mom.

Meanwhile at Road Dogs and Rescue, a newborn pup named Barnabus Rex came to the rescue needing a foster to help him eat. “He was surrendered to my rescue the day he was born due to a cleft palate,” Nikki, founder of the rescue, told.

The tiny puppy had to be tube fed as he couldn’t nurse on his own. Laura who specializes in special needs puppies, offered to take him in.

The two rescued babies came to their foster home on the same day after their health check. Knowing that newborns need as much stimulation as possible to thrive, Laura placed them together so they could have a buddy to cuddle with.

“I put them together and they instantly found each other. They snuggle and suck on each other all day long. Species means nothing to them, it’s comfort and love,” Laura told .

Both fur babies had the same feeding schedule where Broccoli got her very own kitty bottle and her canine friend was tube fed every couple of hours.

As orphans, they seek comfort and warmth. The two buddies kept each other company as they grew bigger and stronger.

In just a few weeks, they both tripled in size.

“Broccoli was developing faster than BRex and needed to have some play time with her older foster (canine) brothers Ellery Max and Hombre.

“While her puppy napped, she terrorized the others then they snuggled and wrestled the rest of the time.”

When Broccoli was ready for adoption, her buddy still had a long way to go as he is special needs.

“BRex will need more time, and it simply was not fair to keep the kitten back,” Laura said.

They found Broccoli a great home with cat-loving Bulldogs. The calico, who thinks she’s a pup, felt right at home with her adoptive family.

The sweet kitty helped her pup just as much as he did her. BRex has befriended many puppy friends at his foster home and is getting stronger and catching up in size. Broccoli loves her new family and is already ruling the roost at her forever home

Watch these two buddies in this cute video:

Sourse: lovemeow.com