A Dying Kitten Was Rescued From A Puppy Mill


We hear stories all the time about dogs being rescued from puppy mills. This story is a little different it’s about a cat. Athena is her name, she was born in a puppy mill in North Carolina.

She spent her life living confined to a house filled with neglected and starving dogs living in filthy cages. Unfortunately, in North Carolina the laws do not protect animals and the owners were able to operate after numerous arrests and convictions of animal cruelty.

Thankfully, the owner was brought up on charges again. That’s when the Humane Society of the United States came to rescue all of the poor animals. Among the animals was poor Athena. She had a severe upper respiratory infection, so bad she could barely breathe.

Athena was quickly taken into her forever home but her recovery was not an easy one. Lucky for her, she was loved by her human. When Athena’s new human took her to the vet, where she was told that she may have to be put down. She was in disbelief so she got a second opinion this vet recommended they took her nose off, and she’d be able to live a normal life.

They decided to get her the surgery, and now, without a nose Athena is thriving.

She might look different but she doesn’t even know it and she sure doesn’t act like it. She is a lover and very friendly and social.

Listen to more of her story in the video below:

Sourse: pawandmeow.com