7 Year Old Boy Adopts Cat With Same Rare Eye Condition And Cleft Lip


The boy was taken from a shelter cat, not even paying attention to its peculiarity. It turned out, their eyes are different, that the boy that the cat. Different eye color in cats disease is not considered as generally eyed at the sight of a cat is not affected.

Such, unusual, abnormal, so to speak, coloring of eyes at cats nothing other, as a consequence of insufficiency or, on the contrary, an overabundance of a special coloring pigment. Scientifically, a coloring pigment called melanin. Most often this phenomenon is seen in those cats, which have experienced serious illness.

Pay special attention that at white albinos melanin often has the lowered concentration, happens and such that it at birds can not be at all. This is due to the fact when we see blue eyes in white cats or where the percentage of white color rolls.