4 Music-Loving Kittens Show Ignored Singer Support


The hero of today’s video clip is a street musician-guitarist who quickly found his audience! Connoisseurs of fine was not anyone, and four kittens that are really on a binge listening to the music and songs of this man!

You only witness on the, as they closely watch the guitarist! Their eyes never leave the object of admiration! It does not even matter what’s going on “behind”! Let even the end of the world or tsunami-all this is nothing compared to this “divine” guitar! Perhaps this is not the best performance of the song by Joe Dassin called “Zay”, but this cat obviously liked this interpretation!

By the way, for those who had never heard the song or didn’t know what the song is, we put you on notice what is sung in the song about a young man who liked a cowgirl girl. He dared to approach her and start talking, hoping that she would allow him to walk with her in the dew, but she put a guy on a mountain, where he had a loud whistle and wait for her with a bouquet of roses…