26 Pets Who Stole Their Owner’s Significant Other And Didn’t Think Twice


These dogs are not ready their love with others. Also I understand why people are so important to canine devotion. People adore the feeling of your pet, something unusual. Because people do not always have loyalty to each other and loyalty to his duty.

With betrayal and misunderstanding of close people to face almost everything. On devotion to our Pets, we often wrote on our website. A separate line in this list are guide dogs. Because from them depends entirely on the lives of sick people. And this is from guide dogs so evident unconditional love to its owner.

In fact, the circumstances are such that most cases of aggression of dogs of this breed are rare. Such situations are widely reported in the media, but these cases, as already noted, single. Thus, stereotype threat of the dog was formed due to the negligent attitude of people to information on cases of aggression.