2 Kittens Found Wandering into Workplace Together, Won’t Leave Each Other’s Side


Earlier this month, two little stray kittens wandered into an industrial area, where many stray animals frequent.

A few employees were having an office party when they spotted the two ginger kittens outside, looking for food. They tried to approach them, but the kitties quickly retreated back into the shrubs. They gave them some chicken, and one of the kittens grabbed a piece and went right back to hide.

Turned out, the kittens had been seen with a mother cat. They were the only two survived from their litter, trying to scrounge a meal in the cold (in Montreal, Canada).

Chances of survival are low for kittens in that condition. The employees contacted a local TNR (trap-neuter-return) rescuer, Nadia, who then set up a few humane traps in the area.

It took her several days, but not only did she get the kittens to safety, but also their feral cat mom.

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