2 Dogs Meet The Kitten For The First Time


The family was kind enough to give shelter to the orphaned kittens, but there are two dogs in the family who are not that happy about it. Their names are Wally and Buster. Everything changes in the house and the dogs have to change their habits as well. All this affects their attitude to kittens. When dogs come home they see their bed is engaged. The kitten sleeps on it. They try to adapt to new reality and they do not like it. Meanwhile, one of the kittens try to get the dog’s attention by all means possible. The cat tried to make friends with them but nothing can impress the dogs and they do not react to it. A little cute buddy even risks its safety and jumps from the highest place in the house. Louise has made it! The dogs worried about her, care for her though do not accept it. Besides, they do not have much choice! Other kittens will be adopted and Louise will stay with them.