2 Deaf Kittens Born to Rescued Cat, Depend on Each Other and Share Special Bond


A cat who was found as a stray, gave birth to seven little kittens on Valentine’s Day. Six of them were white and one was a tuxedo.

A few weeks later, they discovered that some of them were born deaf.

Holly, a volunteer of Purrfect Pets Cat Adoptions (in Overland Park, Kansas), took in the feline family of eight from another foster when the kittens were seven weeks old.

The two tiniest kittens (Coconut and Opal) were in need of supplemental care and lots of TLC. They bounced back with weight gain and new-found energy after two days of round-the-clock feeding.

“People started asking me if they are deaf since they are white. I really started testing it after a couple weeks,” Holly told.

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