17-Year-Old Abandoned Cat Tells New Family Everyday How Happy She is


When it comes to taking an animal into your home, it is initially assumed that the new pet will be very small, and most of us do not even think about giving a family to an animal of advanced age. But taking an elderly cat from a shelter or from the street is one of the most remarkable decisions that you can make, because an aged animal is often useless.

Next you will find 20 oldest cats that were taken from the shelter by good people. A little Shusha was taken to hospital with exhaustion in a very serious condition.

The fact that the baby will live at least a week, doctors considered a miracle. But with the help of veterinarians Shusha managed to get out. Having found loving owners, Shusha became the noble red beauty, and her favourite occupation now – to play catch-up with friends rabbits.