14 kittens dumped in garbage


These kittens thrown into certain death, but they found. The family, which decided at first to take care of fluffy lumps, turned to volunteers. And, thanks to their help, now every kitten got a new home. But while shooting video, the kids had to be placed on a towel. A mother’s love is a very strong sense of domestic cats.

Maybe that’s why so few cases when a mother cat abandons her offspring. But homeless cats live in very difficult conditions. They are forced to fight hunger, live in dense groups, which is unnatural, and suffer from diseases that most domestic cats never face. Often their first litter is when they are a bit older than the kittens themselves. Inexperience, stress, early pregnancy brings them to the point where they may become ill and abandon their kittens. Usually, the reader accesses the information, when it is a cat lambing and sharply there is a question about the life of one or more kittens.

How independently to reach kids, if you don’t know where to start, can they take, how and what to feed. First of all, take care of a warm home for a kitten or kittens. Since the kids have to look after all the time, you need an open container standing on the floor. You can use a small cardboard box, where it is easy to watch the kids and provide the necessary assistance. Shoe box is a good solution for this period of time. You will need an electric heating pad, which can be ordered at the pet store.