10-year-old Boy Calms Crying Abandoned Kitten and Finds Her a New Cat Mom.


The 10-year-old boy took responsibility for the little kitten. Buying a kitten, get ready, the first few days-the most difficult period for both the pet and for you. You will need to properly and patiently care for the new family member.

For a start, advised to limit his space for his own good. You should find the kitten a place without drafts, various holes in which he can fail or run away. I am his kitten settled first in the kitchen, put there a bowl with water, bed, litter (high tray without bars and so on). Perhaps our kitten not immediately goes in organized for him toilet, and will make its deal in another place, in such a case wet a piece of paper in urine and put in a tray.

If the kitten is a few days off to go to the toilet — or anything terrible, he just gets used to the place. I do not advise to take or to release the kitten for the rest of the rooms to his addiction to the tray.