Woman Uses Ordinary Hair Dryer To Save Frozen Bird’s Life


Helping a creature in need can be a tricky situation. Sometimes people find animals who are so hurt, or in such danger, that there’s simply no time to try to get help from animal rescue experts. In times like these, there’s almost no choice but to improvise to save the creature’s life!

That seemed to be the case when Crystal Kelley, a resident of Indianapolis, Indiana, noticed an unfortunate creature suffering in her yard. What she did in her desperate attempt to keep him alive may have seemed odd, but it was a stroke of genius!

During one particularly snowy day in January 2016, Indianapolis, Indiana resident Crystal Kelley sent her little Yorkshire terrier, Lily, out into the back yard of her home to play and explore. While it began like any ordinary winter day for the pair, it would soon take an unexpected turn.

Many dogs love playing in the snow, because it’s such a unique environment for them to enjoy, but it wasn’t long before Crystal noticed something distracting Lily, even by the standards of such easily distracted animals.

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