Watch The Response When This Cockatoo Starts Telling Dad About The Cat… This Is Hilarious!!


For example, if you decide to start, you will get the best friend, cat – borrow companion, which will always be on your side. Parrots, Cockatoos are considered a really cute Pets that give a charge of positive emotions and good mood.

They can contact us thanks to their ability to reproduce the sounds they have previously heard. Each of them is a bright, unforgettable individuality. Every parrot has their own personal habits, and poultry of the following video managed to demonstrate. Meet Mr. Max parrot of the Cockatoo breed. He is very talkative and told in the video below about cat behavior.

Watch as Max tells the story about what was done to the pussy is impossible without laughter. The owner listened very carefully to the parrot, and then told him to stay away from the cat, not to get into trouble, and not to be eaten.