They bought their cat a pizza bed so he could knead the dough


Life satisfaction. When a pet on his knees starts to trample and to put pressure on the skin of your legs, think it’s funny. But over time, grow claws, and the same movements are starting to hurt. A session of “massage” will be terminated, resentful pet is on the floor, and its owner was angry because of the scratches on the skin.

A full stomach, the warmth of home and your favorite host next to make the Pets very happy. The ritual of marking time, not only shows others that “everything is fine”, but myself and the cat.

After his performance of duty about the message in the world “thank you for the attentive care of me” has already been done, you can easily go in other cases. Here therefore, most street cats are very rarely treading water, because they have to fight for his right to life. Where can we find a place for the full satisfaction of life.