He Saw Baby Robins Falling From A Tree, But What He Saw When He Got Closer!


Birds are very vulnerable on the ground, and their little babies, in particular. Birds are well protected by the trees because the nests are high but if that happens that nest becomes reachable, the birds will not survive. There are so many predators who want to attack them that they have no chances of survival. Nature does not protect them in this case.
After storm the nests can sometimes be found on the ground and the same happened this time when after a torrential storm a person found the nest with baby birds. Man found a family of robins in despair. They were all defenseless, realized that and only waited for terrible final of their story. When this person appeared, it was salvation for them. He heard how the babies cried. He saw how scared they were looking for their mom!
Their mother found her way home and fortunately they were safe when she discovered her babies on the ground.