Parrot Decided To Sing In The Rain


Each of us loves to do some peculiar things. This is our goofy side we are not proud of and keep it to ourselves when we are in public. When the situation changes and we stay alone we let it out and do all sorts of things we love. A good example of that is singing in the shower. Many people who love to do it never sing in public, but when when they take shower, they do it with pleasure. They would be embarrassed if you caught them singing in private. I am not sure what this bored parrot feels when he sings the song of Sia “Chandelier”, but that is so hilarious, you should not skip it! This catchy song gets stuck in the head.

The parrot thinks that he is alone and does not know about being filmed. However, the birdie sings so well – probably better than most people do! This is so surprising!