Mom Started Filming Her Parrot. But What It Caught Next Left Her In Stitches! LOL!


Macaw parrot named Kesha sings charming. Feathered handsome man laid out in full. We wish him success in the musical genre. Ara parrot is the brightest of exotic birds.

The coloring of this feathered shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow: yellow, blue, blue, orange, red. It is undeniably fascinating, so you can admire such a handsome man for hours. Besides the fact that it is the “color” of the family, it is also the largest.

Size some individuals along with a tail can reach 90 – 98 cm, and span a large pointed wings – up to 40cm. Macao belonging to the genus Anodorhynchus – hyacinth macaws, there are only 3 species of these beautiful birds.