Millions Have Fallen For This Long-Distance Stork Love Story


True love knows no limitations or borders.

Humans aren’t the only species to practice monogamy, and one pair of storks have proven that no amount of distance or time can diminish the flame between two creatures who really love one another. Now, thanks to technology, the entire world has a birds-eye-view of this pair’s enduring love story, and their annual reunion brings joy to thousands.

The story began 25 years ago, when a now-71-year-old widower named Stjepan Vokic found an injured female stork by a pond near his village in Brodski Varoš, Croatia. The stork had a badly damaged wing because she’d been illegally shot by a hunter.

Stjepan began caring for the bird, bringing her fish he caught in his pond, and even building her a huge nest on top of his house. In the winters, Stjepan creates an “improvised Africa” setting in his garage, complete with a nest, heating, and an aquarium.

“I also take her fishing since I can’t take her to Africa. We even watch TV together. If I had left her in the pond foxes would have eaten her. But I changed her fate, so now I’m responsible for her life.”

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