Meet The Most Patient Cat In The World


When pets have to share the same house they learn to become very patient, especially when they differ much. Life can become unbearable with somebody who is so different but they learn to put up with negative traits of other personality. Other pets can be very annoying and there is little you can do about it.
The two pets you will see in the video have some problems and can’t find common language. The parrot disturbs the cat much and he does it with intention trying to evoke some reaction. What exactly he wants is hard to understand but it is obvious that the bird is trying the cat’s patience. He is very lucky that the cat is very peaceful but that does not mean that it is happy about what the bird does. We also do not know how long the cat is going to bear it. If you watch the video till the end, you will see that cat’s patience has its limits and parrot can be punished for its antics.