Man Saves Eagle Drowning In Mud


There are heroes in our life too. We do not see these people every day but sometimes we see films telling about their kind deeds and we can express our admiration to what they do in our comments. Krzysztof Chomicz is a Polish photographer who set off to photograph this hellish terrain in Poland. When man arrived there, he noticed something unusual that distracted his attention from work. When they watched closer, it turned out that there was a young eagle drowning in mud. They had no time to lose and put off their work to rescue the bird. However, it was not so easy to do. The mud was too thick, while the distance to the bird is big. It required too much time and risk as well, but Krzysztof did not give up. With help of local firefighters and wildlife conservationists Krzysztof agreed to do it on his own. Finally, he took out the bird that got stuck using the rope that took them out to the dry land.
The rescue mission was filmed by a drone so we can see now how it happened. This is a breathtaking video!