Hummingbirds Flocked Around His Hand, Then this Man Captures Some Stunning Footage


Mother Nature is wonderful. Sometimes it is enough just to look from the window, to feel its refreshing power. Walking through the woods can do good to your soul. Wood is full of beautiful sounds, wonderful sights. Strange feeling of peace comes upon you when you see the nature.
Bryan Chapman had the most amazing interaction with nature when he saw a flock of hummingbirds in a yard. These magical creatures flap their wings at incredible speed. They hover in the air like helicopters. It is amazing to take a close look at the birds. So this guy took a cup with sugary mixture – the favorite treat of hummingbirds. He raised hand with cup up into the air offering the treat for them and the birds flew in to take a sip. They were not scared at all, and just lapped up the nectar.