Hummingbird Moves His Head From Side To Side – Now Keep A Close Eye On His Feathers


Small, energetic and fast like lightning, the Hummingbird is one of the most amazing creatures on earth. Enthusiastic fans of this bird call it” Topaz Hummingbird”,” emerald neck”,” flying amethyst”, “fire Topaz”!

Ornithologists compare hummingbirds with a perfect apparatus, a mixture of a helicopter and a jet fighter, which is equipped with a huge, well-tuned engine with fuel injection. From Alaska to Patagonia there are more than three hundred species of Hummingbird, although most of these “feathered flies” live in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru.

The largest species is a giant Hummingbird, found in Cordillera, only seventy millimeters in length. Small members of this motley tribe, such as dwarf bees, not weigh more than two grams! In Europe there are “doubles” hummingbirds sunbirds.