How Hyacinth Macaw grow up from eggs until fly (free flight) in Indonesia


This is a unique project of zoologists from Indonesia, they captured more than one month of growing beautiful birds. Young birds often bite and pinch. It is very important not to punish a parrot for that, because it will take such a response very painful.

Ara bites only when he is afraid of his interlocutor. You need to understand that this bird has a very powerful beak and can cause rather strong pain. If the bird begins to emit loud sounds, no need to shout back at her or try to divert her attention with some toys.

The screams of the Ara will answer with big Creek and the toy will likely perceive as a reward for their behavior in the future will be to shout even louder to get some toy. The right solution to this situation will be to give the bird the opportunity to calm down with itself. And only after that the owner can return to the room and continue to communicate with the quiet bird.