How baby toco toucan grows up


Macaws are playful and active. They love to jump, hang on a swing upside down, somersault and swing on a rope. They need not only intellectual, but also physical development. They need to communicate regularly and play.

Toys that were purchased for the macaws, you need to regularly wash and clean. Also, do not be surprised if the new toy parrot does not take immediately. This is a new subject, and bird initially indeed can treat it with little gun-shy. At the current time the macaws can breed in captivity. But it is mandatory to have sufficient space in the enclosure, as well as compliance with the list of recommendations. Successful reproduction is only possible when a pair of parrots are kept separate from the rest of the birds, if any.

Groups can multiply only certain types. The breeding season starts around April. At this stage, birds are particularly aggressive and may even attack the owner, who is taking care of them. Due to the fact that the macaws are powerful birds, the nest box should be made of durable materials. It is possible for this purpose to use reinforced barrels, which are fixed on solid supports. The ideal option would be the location of the box so to test it, without going himself in a cage for birds.