Hilarious cockatoo refuses to go to bed


Onni, the baby Umbrella Cockatoo normally watches TV in bed with his owners before he goes to bed. However this night was different. Normally he resists going to bed a little bit like any human child. But this particular night he went to an extreme to avoid it. When his mother reached for him to take him to his night time cage, he quickly jumped into the arms of his sleeping father. He hid, or thought he hid, behind the blankets. Unbeknownst to him his head was the only thing hidden. He thought since he couldn’t see his mother, she couldn’t see him!! His whole fluffy body was visible and his feathered butt was sticking right up into his sleeping dad’s face. Onni absolutely couldn’t resist taking a little peek now and then to see if his mother was still there. Meanwhile his dad is snoozing away totally oblivious to what’s going on making this quite the comical scene.

Eventually his mom did coax him out of his fathers arms, but he awoke when he felt the warm feathery pillow moving. At this point he quickly and unconsciously grabbed Onni pulling him back into his arms. After all feathered pillows are so comfy. This only made Onni more resistant to leaving. It took some patience, but eventually he did come out from under the covers long enough for his mom to snatch him up. Look at the innocent face as he nonchalantly gives himself a scratch. How did his owner resist the cuteness to put him to bed? More importantly how did his dad sleep through all of the tickles of his tail fathers in his face?! It is vitally important to note that one should never, ever sleep with a bird. Onni wasn’t sleeping in bed with his owners for the night.

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