Every Day, Her Best Friend Welcomes Her Home From School. But You’ll Never Guess Who it Is


Frog at high speed rushes to the bus. In the US, a rooster named Frog meets his mistress Savannah from school every day. The video, in which the bird runs to the school bus, became a hit social networks.

In a few days it gained almost 200 thousand views! And on YouTube-channel Frog the Rooster, which is dedicated to the unusual rooster, drew the attention of all world media. – Frog meets his mistress Savannah after school. This is his daily routine, – explained in the description to the video.

YouTube users this behavior of the cock touched. – This video completely changed my opinion on cocks and hens. – That cock will make me vegan! – admires Guillermo Indalecio Fernández. Frog rooster has an account not only on YouTube, but also in the Intragram, and on Facebook.