Dying Woman Says Final Goodbye To Her Parrot And The Bird’s Reaction Has Internet In Tears


Losing our closest loved ones is never easy. It does not matter if we are “prepared” for it or not. The sorrow that we experience is not strictly limited to the loss of a human loved one, either. Animals also have the ability to grieve. Did you know that parrots are some of the most emotionally intelligent creatures on the planet? When they experience a loss, they feel a deep sense of sadness.

Sinbad the parrot was recently forced to say goodbye to his owner of 25 years. The two have developed a strong connection and share a close bond. While Sinbad is normally a more chatty bird, he understands how serious this situation has become and is remaining silent. This is a sign of the immense empathy that birds feel for their owners.

They experience depression when they lose a loved one, in much the same way that a human does. There are even anti depressant medications for birds that are designed for safe consumption. The moment that you are about to witness was captured by the woman’s daughter. She is getting ready to say goodbye to the world and Sinbad is not going to miss it for the world.

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