Cockatoo spots a huge thunderstorm in a distance


Cockatoos are very cute birds and let their appearance not fool you! They are much smarter than it seems to you! Cockatoos are rather curious creatures and you never know what makes them say this or that thing. They, probably, do it without thinking about the subject, but the result is so hilarious as if they understand everything. Therefore it is so hilarious to engage in a conversation with them. Thanks to its ability imitate sounds these birds are able to have conversation with you. This video shows how it happens though not all cockatoos are so adorable and hilarious as this one. He will definitely steal your heart. Just watch at the way this cockatoo speaks with his owner. This is so funny and it looks like a normal conversation. The bird reacts to the thunderstorm coming, just watch what comes of it.
The antics of this birdie are so funny! You will love chirping of a pretty Moluccan cockatoo called Gotcha. Speaking with his mom, he always says “I gotcha”. This is so funny!