Cockatoo is told to go to her cage


A frightened cockatoo throws great head. If you do not pay cockatoos a lot of attention, the pet can get sick. He will begin to miss you, to pluck his feathers and lost appetite. Cockatoos are very social birds and live in flocks.

It is important every day to let the parrot out of the cage. The main food of the cockatoo — fruits and seeds. They love to eat berries, nuts and roots. Like to eat out of the hands of the owner. Cockatoos are easily trainable birds. They can imitate different sounds. Can become aggressive if you find yourself eating insects or worms.

It can bite the owner. This is a very loud parrot. If you do not provide them what they want, they will cry continuously. Cockatoo — munching birds. In the cage, you must place wooden toys.