Baby Robin Approaches Farmer For Help – Then It Dawned On When She Grabbed A Hold Of His Hand


It is hard even to imagine the situation of this kind – when man works in cooperation with a bird. I saw it in fairy tales only. Have you heard of anything like this in real life? The robin you will see in the video is not a pet. This is a wild bird. It flew to the man who worked in the garden.
Man helps the bird to find worms and there were so many of them in the ground so that birdie could have a feast. The robin would not find so many without the man’s help. Only gardener could expose a lot of dirt with his pitchfork. He found many juicy warms for it. He gives them to the robin with his hand and bird happily eats them. It does not have any fear. At the end we see that the bird is full and does not even react when he finds a huge worm and offers it to his new feathered friend!