A Baby Hummingbird Was Injured And Left To Die Until This Young Man Came Along


This baby hummingbird was attacked and wouldn’t have survived on her own. Luckily a caring young man found her and nursed her back to health.

She was so tiny and weak when she was found. Three times a day, the young man who rescued her went outside and caught flies from his compost bin, crushed them and mixed them with sugar water. He would then carefully feed her.

The young man said that the experience was very hectic, but rewarding. This little hummingbird must understand and love her rescuer – here they are taking a nap together.

He writes, “When she thought she was ready to leave (and she was) she flew off to her favorite patch of the back yard, and her instincts instantly kicked in, and now she’s just like all the other hummingbirds. For those that are concerned that she has imprinted on humans and wouldn’t survive in the wild, don’t worry, she is thriving. she has even successfully migrated and returned back to my yard.”

What an awesome, caring young man!

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What this guy did is beyond words. Just watch this video he made about rescuing the baby hummingbird

Source: reshareworthy.com